At The Outdoor Corps, we feature destination guides that include some of the best horseback riding trails in an area. Our objective — to help you discover your next equestrian adventure around the Rocky Mountain West. You’ll often find recommendations for some of the most popular trails in an area (e.g., a national park or wilderness area). However, you’ll also find recommendations on hidden gem riding trails that see far fewer crowds.

There certainly is no shortage of amazing horseback riding trails in the Rocky Mountains. Whether you’re looking for a a day trip outing or a multi-day riding adventure, The Outdoor Corps has it all.

North Table Mountain Park: Destination Guide

North Table Mountain Park is located in Golden, Colorado within Jefferson County. At 6,552ft., North Table Mountain is a mesa that prominently towers over the city. The park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, especially rock climbers who frequent the park's Golden Cliffs area.

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White Ranch Park: Destination Guide

White Ranch Park is an open space located in Jefferson County, Colorado, north of Golden. With 3,953 acres and 21.5 miles of trails, it's the largest park in the Jeffco open space system. Trails are mostly multi-use, so hikers, runners, mountain bikers, and equestrians can all enjoy.

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Betasso Preserve: Destination Guide

Betasso Preserve is a beautiful foothills park in Boulder County, only minutes away from downtown Boulder, Colorado. With approximately nine miles of trails over 1,181 acres and elevations ranging from 5,900ft. to 7,700ft., visitors are treated to open meadows, mountain vista scenery, and abundant wildlife throughout this expansive open space.

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Eagle’s Nest Open Space: Destination Guide

Eagle's Nest Open Space is a 755 acre park in Larimer County, Colorado about 30 minutes northwest of Fort Collins. This beautiful area is a perfect spot for short day hikes, horseback riding, and fishing along the North Fork of the Cache la Poudre River.

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South Valley Park: Destination Guide

South Valley Park is a 995 acre open space park in Littleton, CO. Operated as a part of the expansive Jefferson County Open Space system, this park is a favorite destination due to its picturesque red rock spires and beginner-level trails. Visit here for excellent trail running and beginner-level hikes.

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Walker Ranch: Destination Guide

Walker Ranch is located in Boulder County, just outside of Boulder, Colorado. With an impressive ecosystem spanning 2,888 acres, Walker Ranch is a favorite destination among locals, particularly hikers, mountain bikers, and anglers fishing for Rainbow Trout in South Boulder Creek.

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