The Outdoor Corps was founded in Denver, CO in 2020. We are a community developed for (and by) adventurers, wilderness enthusiasts, and travelers that aims to inspire others to explore the Rocky Mountain West. Our mission is to provide practical advice and tips that simplify the adventure planning process and guide adventurers through the abundant recreational opportunities around the Rocky Mountains. In addition, we hope to instill awareness about the importance of conservation and preservation of our beautiful wild lands.

The Outdoor Corps knows that planning amazing trips and vacations takes a lot of effort. So, our community of fellow explorers provides helpful content to make it easier to discover adventures and plan complete itineraries. Whether it’s hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, taking a road trip, etc., we equip readers with useful information to ensure the best of what the Rocky Mountains have to offer is not missed. Accordingly, we feature “best hike” lists, destination guides, trip itineraries, lodging and dining recommendations, gear reviews, and so much more! So join The Outdoor Corps today to become a part of our community!

Reviews and Featured Gear

A primary objective of The Outdoor Corps is to provide helpful advice about high quality gear, services, lodging, etc. for your adventure needs. We feature two types of reviews: 1) individual and 2) categorized lists. Our individual reviews go in-depth on a specific product or service. Alternatively, our categorized list reviews feature curated products, services, and lodging chosen for a particular purpose.

Individual Reviews feature products and services that we have personally tested or places where we have actually stayed. Bottom line up front, if we didn’t use it or didn’t stay there, we will not feature it in an individual review. We provide details on specifications and quality, a report on field performance, and overall ratings. In addition, we offer candid recommendations on whether these products, services, or lodging options are worthy of purchase.

Categorized List Reviews contain curated gear, services, or lodging in a particular category. We believe these types of listings help readers obtain a wider perspective of what is available in the marketplace. Thus, in order to create these lists we test as many items as possible, but also include items discovered through research. And research is a big part of what we do here at The Outdoor Corps. We’ve spent countless hours analyzing products, services, and places to stay at various price points so you don’t have to.

Ads and REvenue

Most of the products, services, and lodging we review on this site are purchased at full price through a vendor. On occasion, The Outdoor Corps may receive sample products or services for review. However, this does not compromise our ability to provide you with honest and candid feedback. To further this commitment to our readers, we explicitly note which products or services were provided as samples. Please visit our Disclaimer page for further details.

The Outdoor Corps obtains its revenue through advertisements and affiliate links posted on this site. We note affiliate links where applicable. If you decide to purchase a product through one of the links on our website, we in turn may receive a small commission. For instance, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This type of revenue helps us continue to provide readers with helpful and current content.

work with us

The Outdoor Corps partners with brands, outfitters, and other organizations to provide readers with helpful consumer information. For instance, we feature articles and reviews on applicable gear, services, and lodging for readers to use for their Rocky Mountain travels. We cater to the outdoor adventurist, travel enthusiast, and conservationist interested in exploring the Rocky Mountain West.

If you are a brand or organization that has a product or service our readers should hear about, please contact us via the link below. Our Marketing Team will be glad to discuss a potential campaign or product review.