Best Places to Eat in Moab, Utah

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Let’s be honest, dining is not at the top of the list of reasons to visit Moab, Utah. However, there are some hidden gems in town if you are seeking alternatives to dehydrated backpacker meals and standard camp cuisine. Since we’ve visited Moab on multiple occasions, we’ve found some of the best places to eat in Moab that are worth your time. You’ll notice a number of dining options on Main St. in downtown Moab, but avoid the tourist traps. Instead, try some of the places below, which are local-approved and far better. Bon appétit!

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Moab Garage Co.

Why You Should Go Here:
Moab Garage Co. is perhaps the best spot for coffee in Moab. In our opinion, this is the place to go if you want to step up your coffee game while on vacation (hence why it makes it on our list of “Best Places to Eat in Moab, UT”). Moab Garage Co. has a great vibe as a coffee shop, in addition to being a nice place to grab a bite to eat for breakfast or lunch. Also, if you happen to be passing time during the day, they have a great beer selection and excellent homemade ice cream.

What You Should Get:
We think Moab Garage Co. has the best coffee in town, so try an espresso or a latte drink (their chai latte is great too). If you want to get something to eat for breakfast, their breakfast burrito is an excellent choice. Of course, you should also plan to come back later in the day and try some of their tasty ice cream. We especially recommend an affogato if you want to pair your ice cream with an espresso shot.


Love Muffin Café

Why You Should Go Here:
The Love Muffin Cafe is hands down our favorite restaurant in all of Moab. If we were rank listing the “Best Places to Eat in Moab, UT,” Love Muffin Café would undoubtedly take top billing. Love Muffin Café serves breakfast and lunch, and their sandwiches with house made bread are especially phenomenal. If you’re planning for a day in the wilderness, get there in the morning and ask them to make a lunch to go. Indeed, this is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a hearty lunch on the trail, at the crag, etc. Vegan and vegetarian options are available.

What You Should Get:
It’s difficult to choose a favorite sandwich at Love Muffin Café because they are all so good. But, if we had to choose, we love their Banh Mi for a little bit of spice. Alternatively, if you want something vegetarian, try their Fresh Veg sandwich. It’s prepared with avocado, lettuce, onion, tomato, carrots, and sikilpat spread — and is oh-so-good!


Desert Bistro

Why You Should Go Here:
Desert Bistro is fine dining, Moab style. Anticipate a bigger bill, but this is to be expected at one of the best places in town for dinner. Desert Bistro makes our list of “Best Places to Eat in Moab, UT” because it is a beautiful restaurant that serves up American cuisine with a flair and attentive service. Reservations are recommended via their website since they have very limited seating. Note that credit cards are required to secure tables during the peak tourist seasons. Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

What You Should Get:
As with many fine dining establishments, Desert Bistro’s menu is subject to change. However, an excellent choice would be among their current selections of fresh seafood. Pair your meal with one of their well-curated wines from the wine cellar (which can also be reserved and seats up to 8).

Arches Thai

Why You Should Go Here:
Arches Thai serves up excellent Thai food that is friendly on your wallet. They have absolutely delicious curry and great service. We listed Arches Thai on our “Best Places to Eat in Moab, UT” list because they offer something different than the typical tourist fare. And of course, their food is extremely tasty with great spice and flavor! Plenty of vegetarian options with some vegan selections.

What You Should Get:
If you’re in the mood for curry, try their Mango Curry or Panang Curry. But truth be told, you really can’t go wrong with any of their curry options. As an alternative to curry, their Drunken Noodles are a great option and are prepared just right. For appetizers, try their cucumber salad or egg rolls.


Moab Brewery

Why You Should Go Here:
Truly local craft beer is kind of hard to come by in Moab. Moab Brewery is the only craft brewery in town and happens to be a very popular spot among tourists. While their beer is not our absolute favorite, they do have some novel brews. And especially after a hard day on the trail, Moab Brewery is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking to throw back a pint. Be prepared though, it gets super busy during peak season. If you plan to get something to eat you may need to wait a bit for a table depending on when you’re visiting.

What You Should Get:
Johnny’s American IPA is a standard fixture, so try one of these if you like IPAs. As an alternative, if you’re not a fan of hops, try their Moab Pilsner. Although they specialize in beer, Moab Brewery also operates a distillery. Check out their Spot On Gin if you’re looking for something instead of a beer.

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