Best Places to Eat in Denver, CO

Best Places to Eat in Denver, Colorado

Are you planning a visit to Denver, CO and looking for some of the city’s best places to eat? Denver is the logical starting point for those wanting to experience the Rocky Mountains in all their glory. Depending on what city you depart from, flights into Denver International Airport may be less expensive and more direct (compared with flight options into Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, etc.). Whether flying in or driving through, Denver makes a great base camp for a night or two before you head off into the mountains for your adventures. So, if you happen to find yourself in Denver for more than just a quick layover, then you might as well indulge in some good food while in town. Without a doubt, also plan to try some of the plentiful craft beer that the city has to offer. 

The Outdoor Corps is based in Denver, so we know what the city excels at in terms of food and drink. This review, the second in our “Best Places to Eat Series” (check out our Moab, UT dining review here), features some of our favorite spots in the city and not the uber-touristy spots. We hope these recommendations will provide you with an authentic Denver food experience and help you dine like a local. Bon appetit! 

Best Dining: Denver, Colorado


Denver has an amazing array of great cafes, coffee shops, and roasters. For the “Best Places to Eat in Denver, CO” list, we’ve winnowed the abundant competition down our favorite spots in the city to grab a cup of coffee. While you’re in town, please avoid the standard Starbucks fare and opt for something more original.


If there is one meal of the day that Denver does particularly well, it’s breakfast. There’s certainly no shortage of excellent breakfast or brunch spots. For our “Best Places to Eat in Denver, CO” list, we’ve tried to avoid some of the standard tourist recommendations (e.g., Snooze, Denver Biscuit Co.) in favor or more original dining options and where you may be less likely to have to wait in line. With any of the options below, you’re bound to have a fantastic breakfast meal.


Many of the lunch options we’ve listed in the “Best Places to Eat in Denver, CO” can also be dinner restaurants, if you so choose. However, because these establishments have menus more catered to budget-friendly lunch options, we’ve listed them in our lunch category. Nevertheless, you’ll find an eclectic array of food-hall style options and vegetarian/vegan fare that are some of our absolute favorites in the city.


With a city that is growing at the pace of Denver, it’s hard to keep track of all of the new restaurants that keep popping up around town. For our “Best Places to Eat in Denver, CO” list, we obviously couldn’t list all of the amazing spots Denver has to offer. For dinner, we’ve recommended a few dining options that range in budget and experience that are proven crowd pleasers. 


If you are looking for some excellent micro-brewed beer, you’ve come to the right city. There are so many great brewery options in Denver, it was hard to list just our favorites for the “Best Places to Eat in Denver, CO” list. Depending upon the style of beer you prefer, your choice of microbrewery will likely vary, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the below options.


If you are more of a cocktail drinker instead of a beer drinker, then you’re in for a treat. Denver has a number of excellent cocktail spots with amazing bartenders. For our “Best Places to Eat in Denver, CO” list, we’ve recommended a few of our favorite bars in the city. You’re bound to have a memorable time and an amazing hand-crafted beverage at any of these locations.

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