Trek Marlin+ Electric Mountain Bike Review

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Embarking on electrified trail escapades? The brand new Trek Marlin+ electric hardtail series has you covered, offering both the Marlin+ 6 and the Marlin+ 8 to elevate your off-road experiences. Let’s delve into the specifications, compare the two models, and help you decide which one suits your riding style.

Trek Marlin+ 6

The Marlin+ 6 is the budget-friendly electric mountain bike that doesn’t compromise on performance. Sharing the same fun and confident geometry as its non-electric counterpart, this model is armed with Bosch’s Active Line Plus drive system. A 120mm suspension fork ensures a smooth ride over rocks, roots, and potholes, while the 9-speed Shimano CUES drivetrain offers durability and reliability for various terrains.

Marlin+ 6 in Dnister Black
Marlin+ 6 in Crimson

Trek Marlin+ 8

Stepping up the game, the Trek Marlin+ 8 brings added features to the trail. The Bosch Active Line Plus motor provides the perfect boost for conquering steep climbs and extending your ride. The 120mm suspension fork continues to offer smooth handling through rough terrain. What sets the Marlin+ 8 apart are its upgraded components, including wide tubeless-ready wheels and tires, along with a 12-speed Shimano drivetrain. This trail-savvy ride is designed to tackle diverse landscapes with confidence.

Marlin+ 8 in Mercury
Marlin 8+ in Purple Flip to Black Fade

Features and Specifications

Powerful Performance

At the heart of the Trek Marlin+ bikes is the Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor, delivering a smooth 50Nm of torque. What’s impressive is its controlled acceleration, low pedal resistance, and almost silent operation, creating a natural and unobtrusive ride. The 9-speed (on Marlin+ 6) or and 12-speed (on Marlin+ 8) Shimano drivetrain ensures durability and reliability on any terrain, making either of these options a trustworthy companion for your cycling adventures.

Marlin+ 8
Marlin+ 6

Battery Longevity and Extended Range

Both the Trek Marlin+ 6 and Marlin+ 8 boast a Bosch CompactTube 400Wh battery, positioned in the downtube for optimal weight distribution. This internal battery not only contributes to the bike’s sleek profile but also offers impressive longevity with a range of between two to 4 hours. For those who crave longer rides, the optional Bosch PowerMore range-boosting battery is a game-changer. This booster battery seamlessly integrates with the Marlin+, extending your range and providing more supported ride time.

Marlin+ 8
Marlin+ 6

Simple and Smart Controls

The Marlin+ series’ 2-in-1 Bosch Purion 200 remote and display on the handlebar provide all the information and control you need in a compact, full-color format. The intuitive controls make it easy to navigate, letting you focus on the ride rather than complicated remotes. 

Marlin+ 8 Purion 200
Marlin+ 6 Purion 200

Trail Ready Mountain Bike

Designed for the dirt, both the Trek Marlin+ 6 and 8 feature a 120mm suspension fork, a dropper seatpost (Bontrager on the Marlin+ 6, TranzX on the Marlin+ 8) for maneuverability, and sturdy front and rear thru axles for precise handling. Coupled with trail-ready geometry, the Marlin+ series is primed for unleashing your adventurous spirit on the trails.

Marlin+ 8
Marlin+ 6

Choosing Your Trail Companion

Select the Trek Marlin+ 6 if….

  • You are a budget-conscious rider looking for an affordable entry into electric mountain biking.
  • You prioritize a reliable, straightforward ride with proven components.
  • Your typical trails involve a mix of moderate terrains, and you appreciate a comfortable, controlled ride.

Select the Trek Marlin+ 8 if…

  • You are ready to invest in enhanced features for a more dynamic trail experience.
  • Steeper climbs and varied terrains are your preferred riding grounds.
  • You desire top-tier components, including a 12-speed Shimano drivetrain and wide tubeless-ready wheels and tires.

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