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If you’re a beer enthusiast who loves to sample different brews, you know how important it is to keep your favorite beers fresh and carbonated. The uKeg 64 is a pressurized growler that has quickly become a popular choice for beer lovers who want to take their brews on the go. With its durable construction, pressurized carbonation system, and versatile design, the uKeg 64 is a top-of-the-line growler that’s perfect for homebrewers, party hosts, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The uKeg 64 is packed with features that set it apart from other growlers on the market. Its double-wall stainless steel construction provides superior insulation and durability, while the pressurized carbonation system ensures beers stay fresh and fizzy for days on end. The adjustable carbonation level allows you to customize the level of carbonation to your liking. In addition, a dispensing tap makes it easy to pour beer without having to remove the lid. So, whether you’re hosting a party, camping, or enjoying a cold one at home, the uKeg 64 is an excellent choice for anyone who loves great beer.



The uKeg 64 is packed with features that make it a standout choice among other growlers on the market. From its durable stainless steel construction to its pressurized carbonation system, the uKeg 64 is designed to keep beer fresh and easy to dispense. In this section, we’ll look at some of the key features of the uKeg 64 that make it a great choice for beer lovers of all kinds.

  • Capacity: The uKeg 64 has a 64-ounce capacity, which is the equivalent of four pints of beer.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: The growler is made from double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel that helps keep your beer cold for hours.
  • Pressurized Carbonation System: A built-in CO2 cartridge allows you to pressurize your beer, which helps keep it carbonated and fresh for up to two weeks.
  • Adjustable Carbonation: The uKeg 64 allows you to adjust the carbonation level to your liking using a simple dial.
  • Dispensing Tap: A dispensing tap allows you to easily pour your beer without having to remove the lid.
  • Sight Glass: A sight glass lets you see how much beer is left in the growler.
  • Interchangeable Tap Handle: The uKeg 64 has the capability to change tap handles so you can customize and personalize.


The uKeg 64 is a premium growler that comes with a higher price tag than many other options on the market. At the time of writing, the uKeg 64 has a retail price of around $179. This is more expensive than many other growlers on the market that don’t offer the same functionality.

While the price tag may be a bit steep for some, it’s important to remember that the uKeg 64 is a high-quality growler that’s built to last. Its stainless steel construction and pressurized carbonation system ensure that your beer stays fresh and carbonated. Additionally, the uKeg 64’s interchangeable tap handles add a touch of customization and personalization to your beer-drinking experience.

If you’re a serious beer enthusiast who wants to invest in a top-of-the-line growler that offers superior functionality, the uKeg 64 is worth the investment. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, there are other options available that offer good insulation at a more affordable price point.

Recommended Uses

The uKeg 64 is a versatile growler that can be used in a variety of settings and for a range of purposes. Accordingly, we’ve noted below some of our recommended uses for this top-of-the-line growler:

  • Homebrewing: If you’re a homebrewer who likes to experiment with different flavors and styles, the uKeg 64 is a great way to store and transport your creations. Its pressurized carbonation system ensures that your beer stays fresh and carbonated for days on end. 

  • Parties and Events: The uKeg 64 is a perfect choice for hosting parties and events, whether you’re serving your own homebrews or beer from a local brewery. Its sleek design and customizable tap handle make it a stylish addition to any party. Furthermore, its pressurized carbonation system ensures that your beer stays fresh and fizzy all night long.

  • Outdoor Activities: If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves to hike, camp, or picnic, the uKeg 64 is a must-have accessory. Its durable stainless steel construction and pressurized carbonation system make it ideal for outdoor use.

  • Gift Giving: The uKeg 64 also makes a great gift for the beer lover in your life. Its premium construction and high-end features make it a standout choice that’s sure to impress. In addition, its customizable tap handles allow you to add a personal touch to your gift.

Field Test

The uKeg 64 proved to be an excellent choice for our recent camping trip outside of Moab, UT. The pressurized carbonation system was particularly useful for maintaining the carbonation level of the beers we dispensed. This was especially important to us since we drank the beers over the course of several days. In addition, the sight glass proved to be extremely helpful, allowing us to keep track of how much beer we had left.

One minor issue is that the uKeg 64 is a bit heavier than some other growlers on the market. However, this is to be expected given its double-walled stainless steel construction. The handle compensates for this, making it easy to transport. Overall, we were impressed with its field performance and plan to use it more over the course of the camping season.

Comparable Products

Compared to other popular growlers like the Hydro Flask 64oz. Growler and the Stanley Classic Easy-Pour 64oz. Growler, the uKeg 64 has a number of distinct advantages. For one, the pressurized carbonation system is a feature that neither of these other growlers offer. This makes a huge difference in terms of the freshness and carbonation level of your beer. Additionally, the uKeg 64’s stainless steel construction is durable and stylish, more so than these other options.

That being said, the uKeg 64 is also more expensive. Thus, it may not be the best choice for everyone. If you’re looking for a more affordable growler that still offers good insulation and durability, the Hydro Flask or Stanley Classic Growler may be a better fit. However, if you’re a serious beer lover who wants to take your brews on the go and keep them optimally fresh and carbonated, the uKeg 64 is worth the investment.

Hydro Flask 64oz.

The Hydro Flask 64oz. is a double-walled vacuum-insulated stainless steel growler. This growler is perfect for keeping beverages cold or hot for hours on end, and features a secure lid and handle.

Stanley Classic Easy-Pour

The Stanley Classic is made of durable stainless steel. This growler features double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps drinks cold or hot, easy-pour capability, and a leak-proof lid.

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