Bergen Peak via Meadow View Trail: Hike Review

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Bergen Peak is a 9,702ft. mountain within Elk Meadow Park, located in Evergreen, CO and Jefferson County. Picturesque meadow views, aspen groves, and stunning vistas of nearby Mount Evans and surrounding peaks make the 8.7 mile out-and-back ascent to Bergen Peak extremely popular. And, the park is only about 30 minutes from Denver, making this a great day hike or trail running location.

There are multiple routes within Elk Meadow Park’s trail system that visitors can use to reach Bergen Peak. However, we favor the Meadow View Trail to the Bergen Peak Trail for its straightforward approach beginning at the Stagecoach Trailhead and ascending about 1,850ft. to the summit. While the Meadow View Trail is fairly modest and rated as “Least Difficult,” the Bergen Peak Trail is rated as “Most Difficult” due to steeper terrain via switchbacks. In sum, the hike to Bergen Peak is a great training outing in the spring, but is just as fun in the summer and fall (particular for aspen viewing). Happy hiking!


Bergen Peak Trail Guide

Route Information

  • Round Trip Distance: 8.7 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 1,847ft.
  • Trail Type: Out-and-Back
  • Trailhead: Stagecoach
  • Coordinates: 39.654433, -105.366605
  • Dog’s Permitted: Yes
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Route Instructions

  • Step 1 - Trail access begins at the Elk Meadow Park Stagecoach Trailhead parking area (elevation 7,793ft.). Pass by the park information signs and start along the Meadow View Trail. The initial portion of the trail is evenly constructed, but becomes more primitive a short distance further.
  • Step 2 - Pass a series of picnic areas, an expansive meadow view to right, and the park’s restroom to the left. The Meadow View Trail will begin a gradual incline.
  • Step 3 - At a little over the .25 mile mark along the hike, reach the junction with the Sleepy S Trail to the right, which leads to the Elk Meadow Park Lewis Ridge Trailhead. Pass the Sleepy S Trail and stay on the Meadow View Trail to continue ascending.
  • Step 4 - Ascend through thick evergreen forest for about .7 miles. Reach the junction of the Meadow View Trail and the Bergen Peak Trail. Bear left onto the Bergen Peak Trail towards a series of switchbacks. The trail is at about 8,029ft. at this point.
  • Step 5 - Continue ascending via switchbacks. Spectacular views of evergreen forested mountains appear to the west around 8,200ft.
  • Step 6 - The ascent continues via more switchbacks and then heads straight up to about 9,200ft. and meets the junction of the Too Long Trail, which heads to the right. Bear left to stay on the Bergen Peak Trail.
  • Step 7 - Continue along the Bergen Peak Trail up steeper switchbacks. Aspens become much more abundant in this area — making for a particularly colorful hike during autumn.
  • Step 8 - Scenic views only get better along the ascent, looking towards Mount Evans and surrounding peaks.
  • Step 9 - After a short and easy scramble to the Bergen Peak summit (9,702ft.), enjoy the impressive views all around.
  • Step 10 - Mount Evans (14,271ft.), Mount Warren (13,293ft.), Rogers Peak (13,323ft.), and other surrounding mountains are visible around the summit area. After soaking in the views, descend the Bergen Peak Trail the way you ascended. After about 3.4 miles of descent, reach the junction of the Meadow View Trail.
  • Step 11 - Bear right to re-connect with the Meadow View Trail and descend for about another mile until reaching the trailhead/parking area. Congratulations on summiting Bergen Peak!



  • Entrance Fees: None. Elk Meadow Park has no entry or parking fees.
  • Park Hours: Daily; one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.
  • Pets: Dogs are permitted on the trail, but must be on leash.
  • Camping: Not permitted.
  • Leave No Trace: Please stay on designated trails and pack out any trash/dog waste.

Getting There

  • This out-and-back hike begins at the Elk Meadow Park Stagecoach Trailhead, just off of Stagecoach Blvd. Beginning on I-70 W from Denver, take exit 252 for CO-74 toward Evergreen Parkway. The Stagecoach Trailhead parking area is on the righthand side of the road. Continue on to CO-74 S/Evergreen Parkway for a little over five miles. Turn right on to Stagecoach Blvd. and, in about one mile, the Stagecoach Trailhead parking area is on the righthand side of the road.


  • Park at the Elk Meadow Park Stagecoach Trailhead parking area. There are no fees to park here and there are about 50 parking spots in the lot. Elk Meadow Park is very popular, so spots fill up quickly on the weekends. A restroom is located just a short walk from the trailhead along the Meadow View Trial.

Weather Forecast

  • The Bergen Peak summit is at an elevation of 9,702ft. As always, when venturing into wilderness, please be sure to check the weather forecast and pack/dress for varying temperatures.


Recommended books

For a well-rounded and more interpretive Colorado wilderness experience, we recommend picking up a few naturalist guides. An easy to use field guide for plants and birds will help identify species and further add to the enjoyment of your time outdoors. These will especially come in handy if you intend to explore other Jefferson County open spaces, Colorado state parks, and National Parks located within the region. Also, check out “Evergreen” for some of the area’s history.

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