Adventure podcasts are often a welcome alternative to traditional news, music playlists, and other media. Once a fairly small medium, podcasts are now immensely popular and cover a huge variety of genres. Of course, now that there are so many podcasts available on iTunes and elsewhere, finding quality content can be a chore.

Indeed, there are many excellent outdoor and adventure podcasts that commonly appear on “best of” lists. For instance, “The Dirtbag Diaries” and “Enormocast,” are both very popular amongst the climbing crowd. But for us a great podcast must feature an eclectic array of content, sports, and intriguing guests. We often seek out podcasts that feature western content and regularly include interviews of adventurists from a variety of sports.  As alternatives, check out “Mountain and Prairie” or “HumaNature” for more Rocky Mountain specific content.

Best Outdoor and Adventure Podcasts

Podcasts are an awesome alternative to a standard music playlist or daily news. Of course, outdoor and adventure podcasts are even better! To get you started on a listening spree of quality podcast content, we've compiled a list of our five favorite adventure podcasts. Enjoy!