Mount Galbraith Park Destination Guide
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Mount Galbraith Park: Destination Guide

Mount Galbraith Park is an open space park located in Golden, Colorado within Jefferson County and adjacent to Clear Creek Canyon Park. The park’s main access area is just off of Golden Gate Canyon Rd., mere minutes from downtown Golden. Indeed, Mount Galbraith Park’s proximity to the Denver metropolitan area makes this park a very popular recreational destination. With 799 acres and 4.6 miles of trails, Mount Galbraith Park is fairly small compared to other Jefferson County Open Space parks. However, all of the park’s trails are designated as “hiker-only,” so there is more than ample space to explore. For other Jeffco parks, check out our destination reviews on North Table Mountain Park and White Ranch Park.

Destination Guide Series: Mount Galbraith Park

Where is Mount Galbraith Park?

Mount Galbraith Park is located in Jefferson County, CO. The park’s main access point and parking area is just off of Golden Gate Canyon Rd., only a short drive from downtown Golden. From Denver, take US-6 W towards Golden, which will eventually turn in to CO-93 N. After about 1.5 miles on CO-93 N, turn left onto Golden Gate Canyon Rd. Drive a little over one mile on Golden Gate Canyon Rd. and the parking area is on your left. In addition, an alternative entry point into Mount Galbraith Park is the Nightbird Gulch Trailhead, which is a neighborhood access trail on Canyon Point Circle. 

Why Should You Visit Mount Galbraith Park?

Mount Galbraith Park is a hiker and trail runners paradise that is conveniently accessible. All of the trails are designated as “hiker-only,” thus, pedestrians will not need to share the trails with mountain bikers and horseback riders. Further, the trails are all relatively short and moderately difficult, making this an ideal location for most skillsets. Consider the Mount Galbraith Loop, which circles the top of the mountain and offers beautiful views of surrounding Golden.

Things to Do

Hiking and Trail Running

Mount Galbraith Park has 4.6 miles of trails, all designated as “hiking-only.” Thus, this open space area is a favorite destination for hikers and trail runners that prefer trails without mountain bikers and equestrians. The three trails that comprise the park’s trail network are all short (under 2 miles one-way), but moderately difficult. Check the park map before you go to plan your route.

Planning Tips

Fees and Regulations

Entrance Fees: None.
Park Hours: Daily; one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.
Pets: Permitted; must be on leash.
Camping: Not permitted.
Mountain Bikes: Not permitted.
Horseback Riding: Not permitted.

Recommended Books

For a well-rounded and more interpretive Colorado Open Space experience, consider picking up a few naturalist guides. An easy to use field guide for plants and birds will help identify species and further add to the enjoyment of your time outdoors. In addition, there are a few area-specific guidebooks that offer more details on hiking and trail running routes that may prove useful.

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