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Little Wild Horse Canyon / Bell Canyon: Hike Review

The Little Wild Horse Canyon and Bell Canyon loop within Utah’s Crack Canyon Wilderness Study Area, near Goblin Valley State Park, is one of our all-time favorite slot canyon hikes. At 8.0 miles round-trip, this loop hike rewards visitors with amazing canyon scenery. In addition, the hike’s non-technical accessibility enables hikers of most skill-levels to enjoy the incredible splendor of these slot canyons. 

Of the two canyons, Little Wild Horse Canyon is by far the more interesting given long stretches of extremely narrow slots. Thus, some visitors choose to hike Little Wild Horse Canyon out-and-back, rather than extending the hike. But we think including Bell Canyon and making the hike into a loop provides a fuller perspective and experience of the San Rafael Swell. Our hike review covers the entirety of the loop in a counter-clockwise direction, heading though Little Wild Horse Canyon first. You’re sure to have company on this hike, as this area is very popular, but these canyons are absolute gems that shouldn’t be missed!

Hike Review Series: Little Wild Horse Canyon / Bell Canyon

Trail Guide

Route Information

  • Round Trip Distance: 8.0 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 700 ft.
  • Trail Type: Loop
  • Trailhead: Little Wild Horse & Bell Canyon
  • Coordinates: 38.58299444, -110.8029
  • Dogs Permitted?: Yes; not recommended
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Planning Tips

If you plan to visit more of the San Rafael Swell area, which we highly recommend, consider picking up “Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau” for more non-technical slot canyon hike ideas. In addition, we recommend picking up a few naturalist guides related to the area’s geologic history for general awareness of how the San Rafael Swell came to be. Below are a few of our recommended readings. Happy hiking!

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